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For window replacements, installation and other window adjustments and sliding doors, we’re the company you’re looking for. Flores Windows offers a broad range of window types and qualities for you to select from, including vinyl windows, argon gas fill, retrofit windows, dual glass dn block frame windows.


Windows Replacement

Have the old, squeaky, or unappealing windows replaced with new, better fitting windows that we offer.  

Windows Installation

Windows make or break a room’s look. Our window installation services ensure all your windows are appropriately fitted

Vinyl Windows

Get the stronger frames and have your windows last as long as 30 years with protection from harsh


Old windows, damage from weather or other extraneous accidents that took the beauty out of your windows, we can fix within hours. We offer an array of window styles and types you can choose from to make your window look brand new. You can choose the fitting and design your window to look like and we shall deliver.



Our window installation services are measured to perfectly fit into your walls so that once the windows are installed, they cut down on the noise pollution, add security, prevent dust from entering through any crevices around the windows and insulate you from extreme heat or cold.



Vinyl windows are an excellent choice to make your windows last years. The vinyl material we use for our windows is resistant to peeling, cracking, fading and climate changes. Vinyl windows are stronger than regular windows.



Low E-Glass windows are specially designed to reduce the entrance of infrared and ultraviolet rays into your home through the glass of your windows. A fun fact about this window type is they operate like blue light glasses but for your home. So what are you waiting for? Choose this window type for your offices, home and more!



Dual or double glazed windows are designed to cut heat-loss and add a layer of insulation by creating an air gap between the two pieces of window. These windows may sound fragile but they last 20-35 years and are quite durable.


We are a license contractor legally in California Contractor state license (CSLB # 933382


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